About Us

A-Tech Installations started as an independent electrical and IT solutions business in 2004, building on 11 years experience in the onshore and offshore petrochemical markets providing project management skills and end-to-end solutions.

Whilst initially providing electrical safety services to landlords, including self-contained fire alarms, rewires, safety inspection reports and advice services, we have since gone from strength to strength, building on a loyal customer base and still providing the friendly one-to-one service.

Soon we expanded into full capability integrated fire alarms and computer network installations.  A natural progression from there brought us the server administration capabilities building on degree level qualifications applied to 20 years of trouble shooting and problem solving in this field.

Above all, however, we remember that the customer comes first.  We like people and people like us.  Based in Gloucester, and serving customers in Gloucestershire principally, we have worked as far afield as Edinburgh, London and Somerset within the UK, France and even Africa.  So, wherever you are, wherever the job, whatever the circumstances, we can help.